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Our Story...

Open Space Office
The year was 2019 and standardized tests were still the main benchmark for educational accomplishment.  A small group of professional educators and trainers banded together to debate the eternal question: What is the best balance for training in terms of quality and cost? 
Then it dawned on us, why not create a company that valued exceptional quality and offered training courses at affordable prices through using cutting edge technology?  And ESL Global was born.  Created to support teachers around the world, ESL Global brings high quality accredited English teacher training to teachers who are interested in making a more meaningful impact on future generations through education.

In 2020, our high quality teacher network was noticed and several companies approached us to source the top teaching talent for them.  ESL Global then started recruiting for online teaching positions and face-to-face educators for K-12 and University positions.  Our commitment to quality has never waivered. 

TEACHERS change the world, we just support and enable them to amplify that change.
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